General Rules
Be Honest

No cheating, whatsoever. Asking for or distributing braindumps will result in an immediate ban.

Do not ask for/distribute paid materials unlawfully. Keep this place 100% safe for work.

Be Precise

Please attempt to use the appropriate channel for your discussion.

Some people may mute channels that are not relevant to them; please respect this.

Be Respectful

Treat everyone with respect. There will be no tolerance for any harassment or bigotry of any form.

Be Courteous

Please do not initiate random/unprompted DMs.

Don't ask to ask or ask "if anyone knows (X)". Just ask or start your conversation!

DMs to mods/admins regarding Discord server moderation needs or questions are always permissible!

Full Member Rules
Be Relevant

Outside of optional Periphery channels, no:

  • Server administration
  • Home networking
  • Programming unrelated to network engineering
  • Non-networking IT disciplines

Occasional and casual discussion of such topics in #offtopic by established server participants is permissible.